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Day 9 of January cooking: Cooking failure

At work today, I ended up staying a bit later to finish up something I was working on.  This and a bus that was having some mechanical problems meant I arrived home much later than I was expecting. Unfortunately, this had an impact on my plans for the evening and I didn’t get a chance to research my next recipe yet.  Full disclosure, I have found a recipe, but I wanted to find a few more and do a quick comparison before I settled on one to try at the weekend.

The second thing this delay nearly affected was being able to make supper tonight.  Cooking supper fairly regularly is becoming important to me this month because I enjoy cooking, both experimenting with new and old recipes and just preparing food in general.  While I still was able to cook dinner (although the husband prepared a few of the ingredients for me like slicing potatoes), because I rushed the cooking, it was not nearly as tasty as it was when I made the same supper last week.  And I burnt the potatoes when making hash which did upset me.  But, our pork chops came out beautifully.

I have made a loose supper plan for the week and even though it is only day one, this seems to be working okay and is helpful.  It has reduced our whole debate on what we want for supper that we have nearly every night.  It helps me as well because I am a woman of cravings.  When I know what the plan is, then I seem able to work myself into a craving for whatever we have scheduled.

Finally, I am still a little sore from my first ever horse riding lesson.  Interestingly, my husband found a photo of one of my four other horse riding experiences while I was riding yesterday.  I think it will take a bit of time before I get used to the experience.

Tomorrow will be researching Ginger Chicken Udon! Honest!



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