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Day 8 of January cooking: Chicken Noodle analysis

Today was the second batch of chicken noodle soup.  I thought the crockpot version was pretty decent, but couldn’t quite touch my love of Campbell’s Chicken Noodle soup.  But, it was a very easy recipe to make.  Today’s looked complicated because it required cooking a whole chicken in broth and then making the soup as well. I almost regretted leaving it until today.  But, I can honestly say that it was worth every minute of work.  It made a huge amount of soup as well that would probably see me through the week of lunches on its own.  And even the husband thought it was better than yesterday’s and seemed to enjoy it.  I guess now it is down to a taste to work ratio.  I can honestly say though, while I am feeling a little under the weather, the recipe today was the soup I preferred and would prefer when feeling yucky.  It wasn’t quite Campbells, but in some ways, it was much better.  I think it may be my go to recipe.

The reason I was slightly worried about cooking a soup that required a lot of effort today was because I had my first ever horseback riding lesson.  Everyone who rides or has ridden told me that I was going to be in pain, and I am now.  As the day wore on, I was in more and more pain, but a bit like the chicken noodle soup recipe, it was so worth it.  It was scary, but oh so much fun.  I signed up again for next week despite being awkwardly surrounded by 8 year olds.

Next week, ginger chicken udon!

My efforts at today’s soup!


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