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Day 7 of January Cooking: Chicken Noodle Soup, part 1

Today was chicken noodle soup day in the cooking to feed myself up part of the journey.  I was going to try to make both, but last night I had a bad sore throat (although, weirdly, only on one side of my throat)  which persisted into today so instead, I made one of the recipes for dinner tonight.  I tried Recipe 2, the crockpot recipe because I thought it would be the simplest.

The recipe itself was very simple and easy to follow.  Like many slow cooker recipes, it was mostly chop veggies and throw everything in with the broth.  The only difference is that I think I included too many noodles because despite starting out as soup, it was mainly noodles with some broth, chicken and veggies after I threw in the noodles and they had cooked.  The other slight frustration was that I could not get the thick noodles I wanted and only had thin ones.  While this was okay, I would have loved to have had the thick noodles and these may have been easier to judge, in terms of broth to noodle ratio. But, there is plenty leftover for lunches this week.

Tomorrow I will try to make a batch of Recipe 1 also with the small noodles.

But, tomorrow is also my first horse riding lesson.  It feels so real because I had to go and buy a cheap pair of riding boots this morning for my lesson.



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