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Day 6 of January Cooking: The old favourites return

This week in cooking has been a return to the old favourites for food.  We have had the creamy chicken pasta and tonight I made hash with pork chops.  These are two recipes I used to make often because they are quick and can be made in one pot or pan.  And they are incredibly easy to make and tasty as well.

The food order, which comes tomorrow, is all up to date and I am ready to make my chicken noodle soups over the weekend.  Alongside that, I am working on planning our meals again as well.  I worked through my grocery list this week and have in my head what I want to make and hopefully next week I will create a full meal plan for the week ahead.  This is one step for me in taking back a bit more control of cooking in our house.

My other revelation for this week has been breakfast.  I have not eaten breakfast for many years, but for the last three days, I have taken porridge in to work to have for breakfast and it has been a delicious and filling way to start the day.  I think I will continue with it.

Nothing to do with cooking, but I started trying to clean our house in the evenings over this week to leave the weekends available for us to do fun things and for me to do my cooking.  It’s the simple things of just wiping down counters and sinks to help keep us a bit tidier.

Also not to do with cooking, but tomorrow I have to go out and buy a few things for my horse riding lesson.  Apparently my normal clothes may cause a few problems for me when I ride.  I am completely excited about this.


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