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Day 4 of January Cooking

My cooking victory today is that I created a tasty chicken creamy pasta that I used to make ages ago.  It is one of those lovely recipes that provides a solid base and you can throw pretty much anything in it.  The bonus is that you can make it in two pots – one to make pasta and another for everything else.  And it is completely quick which is good for a week day night meal. Today I added a leek and some mushrooms along with some garlic for a bit of flavour.  It was delicious.  I am glad I rediscovered this recipe.

Another one is that the new measuring cup with cups and millilitres has turned up.  This one can bounce so there is no worries about it breaking.  I have actually already tested it.

Not to do with cooking, but getting myself set-up for March, I booked my first ever horse riding lesson.  I am super excited.  It is something I have wanted to do since… well, since I could ever remember.  I hope it is a positive experience because I think at this point I have built it up so much in my head, it would be a huge let down if I didn’t enjoy it.  I think though, no matter what, I will at least have had a go.  And that’s what this project is all about, giving things I have always wanted to do a go.


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