Posted in Discovery Project: January

Day 3 of January cooking

Today, I didn’t get as far as I did yesterday.  I didn’t really  cook anything which is disappointing as it is my last day off work from the Christmas period.  I have however, ordered the supplies I will need for my chicken noodle soups so, there is that progress. The supplies come on the Saturday, so I can spend my weekend experimenting with the recipes.

Of note is a few other things I have done – not for cooking but to prepare for later in the year.  I have not owned a yoga mat before, but I ordered one the other day which has now arrived.  I plan to try it out either later this week or at the weekend.  The second thing I have done is ordered a few new clothes items in the January sales.  Last year, I began to work on my image and the obvious starting point was my clothing.  I often wore clothes that weren’t necessarily right for me in colour or style.  These new clothes should fit more within the style I am looking for with flattering colours.

My other success was that I completed the first book in my reading challenge.  I always try to read a number of books I have never read before.  This year, it is 25.  I love a good story but always get stuck on the ones that I love already.  Now, I am working on branching out a little bit.  Reading will hopefully inspire me for the writing in November. The final thing wasn’t really a success, but I am proud that I tried.  I tried to book on a writing course that I was interested in, but sadly, I wasn’t able to.  At least I was going to go for it though to help with November.

Not my victory, but a victory in general, my husband has ordered a new large measuring cup.  It will hopefully arrive for soup making.  It is plastic.


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