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Welcome 2017

An alternative title for this post was going to be ‘Come on 2017, I am ready for you!’ but I thought a simple welcome might be more appropriate.  We don’t know what this next year will bring with it yet.  Will it bring heartache or will it bring happiness.  Only time will tell. This year, despite its many setbacks on the world stage, has been good to me in many ways.  I am now more confident than before.  I am ready to tackle this project I am starting and follow the journey.  I have had a successful year in many ways and I am ready to transform and to become me.

One thing I struggle with though is perfection.  I wouldn’t start my preparation work in my Breathe journal until I knew what I wanted to say perfectly because I didn’t like the idea of things being scratched out in it.  My adult colouring book is upstairs, mostly unused because I can’t figure out what colours will look best. I read an article recently about not letting perfection get in your way. *  I struggle so much with this and I am actively working on it.  So, I am telling myself that this year, my project, and its results may not be perfect but they will be true and honest.  I think that is okay.

So, welcome 2017.  I am ready to get to work on discovering me.

* Article


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