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Picking up where I left off

Well, writing about my stupor seems to have jumpstarted my ambition to get things done again.  I continued with my professional development course again today and am 70% done.  Yippee!  Having to report back, if nothing else, even if it is only to air, seems to help.   That took up my afternoon.

I have also been uploading photos and I am now only a month behind with that.  I am really pleased with how some of my photos from our recent trips have turned out.  And once I finish this post, I will see if I can get all caught up.  We also made some plans to get together with some of our friends in the new year, which will be fun. I was also looking forward to getting my project sorted out and writing in my new Breathe Journal and updating it all on here, but it was foggy.  For anyone who might be reading this, if you are coming on this journey with me, you need to know one thing.  I love fog.  And I go out and walk in it every chance I get.  It was beautiful today.  It makes the whole world feel all mystical and mysterious.  And other things may take a backseat to one of my favourite past-times, walking in a mysterious fog.

While I do have an outline for January for this project, the in depth planning will have to wait until tomorrow, along with a few other things that need to be done.  For now though, I will leave a photo of the gorgeous fog here.


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