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The perfect Christmas gift

Without realising it, someone gave me the perfect Christmas gift today.  I am not sharing his project with many people in my daily life, except my husband.  I think because it is so personal and I’m not great with opening myself up to people, I unconsciously decided not to share it.  I’m more of a share once I’ve completed it all kind of girl.  It’s worked that way with my photo of the day project this year. My point is, that  this person had no idea that I am working on this project but because of conversations we have had, she gave me a ‘Breathe Journal: 52 week planner.’

What is this planner thing, you say?  Well, it is a journal where you write down goals for the year and then you break these goals down into monthly and weekly goals.  It was freaking made for this project.  I cannot wait to get started working on it and working  out my goals.  It will help me immensely with my planning for each month.  Yes, I am truly excited.  I love organising and stationary AND this works so well with this project.  So, maybe I am not actively sharing this project with my friends in real life, but they can clearly see me, who I am and what I am about.  And what I want to do.

So, roll on 2017.  I am ready to get this party started.  Well, okay, maybe not roll on yet.  I need to work on my first month.


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