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Prep steps 1

In a previous post, I talked about doing a bit of prep work.  Since I was feeling awful, well ill, today, I decided I should probably start looking at some of those prep-tasks.  I started by having a look over my Pinterest account and the boards in it, attempting to work out what I could change to make it more readable and less messy.  I think, because there is just too much in there, I will probably need to delete a few of the boards, move over everything I want and consolidate.  Ironic really because I spent last Christmas separating out boards so that it would be easier to find recipes and ideas.  Turns out, it only made a mess.  But, it did help me realise one thing. Because I liked quite a few different decorating styles for a house, I had several different styles of outsides and insides.  But by seeing what I pinned the most, I could tell what my preferred decorating style is which will ultimately help me feel our house is more coordinated/together, but also makes me feel less scatter-brained and more certain when I make a decision on style.  I am going to call that a win.  So, now I just need to delete the boards over Christmas.

The second thing is I started looking at creative writing courses in my area.  Currently, I am mulling over if I want to take one on fiction, one on a specific type of fiction or one on writing non-fiction. I am really not sure what I want to write about in the end of next year which is why I am having this dilemma.  I think  this blog might actually qualify as a bit of non-fiction and I really want that month’s writing project to be as separate from this one, as it can be.  On reflection of this point, I think this may be me, leaning towards a fiction writing course.  My true literature love (to read) is a good mystery book.  But, then again, those seem extremely complicated to write.  My writing style is more in line with the natural flow as words drop out of my head and onto a page.  And while I am thinking this through and writing it all down, I can feel my anxiety rising.  What if my classmates or my teacher thinks my writing stinks?  What if they tell me I should just give up on writing altogether?  Writing has been a constant outlet and source of nourishment to my soul since I was very small -possibly even before I could write.  I’m a sucker for a good story.  I think this anxiety comes in line with my whole idea that failure isn’t final and neither really is success.  These unknown people may love it or may hate it, but really, they are only a small random sample, and really not really a good measure of how good or bad my writing is.  Or at least, they aren’t the only measure.

I am also remembering back to when I was a kid and I took a reading and creative writing summer school class.  I both loved it and I think the teacher thought I did pretty well at it.  Either way, I will bite the bullet and just do it!  Because honestly, why the hell not?  And it will help kick-start my November project.

My next preparation projects are finding a riding school to contact in the new year to find out about riding lessons and start the online yoga videos.  I also need to find and contact an instructor to help me do yoga properly.  Then it is just doing everything I have planned, like booking the course and clearing out the Pinterest.  It feels good to be underway, but scary and a little daunting.  I’m feeling overwhelmed like I may never get it all done. I’ve always been an optimist when it comes to my time.  I guess it’s just now or never.


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